Due to the small size of our restaurant, we  have limited reservations, you can make a  reservation via Yelp or feel free to email us and we will get back to you. However we have plenty of wine & beer for you to sip while we arrange your table.

* Email us for private events and buyouts

* Private wine classes available

* Catering 

 take-out is available

415-658-7150  |

3659 Buchanan St. San Francisco CA 94123

MAMO  will reopen with a New Menu  for Take-out & Delivery  on Lunch & Dinner hours  until shelter in place is over!


Business Hours

        Lunch Tue- Wed 3 PM to 9 PM /Thu - Sat 12 PM - 3 PM

         Dinner Thu- Sat  5 PM - 9 PM


We hope to go back to our regular Happy hour & Brunch schedule soon!



We invite you to discover the only restaurant in San Francisco that features Californian cuisine with a Colombian and Venezuelan flair.  MAMO's concept is the fusion of the exotic tropical flavors of South America, with the sophisticated taste of California.

Inspired by the concept of diversity, our promise to our guests is to provide a cozy, yet chic environment, where they can experience the combination of cultures that the San Francisco Bay Area offers.


At MAMO, we believe in growing together. We trust that by using, and offering some of our best Californian products we help the local support system that we belong to.  Here, local Beers & Wines are a major feature on the menu.

MAMO is a family-owned restaurant that feels like home, and offers visitors an unforgettable dining experience.

Join us at MAMO

for amazing  food - beer

and wine